goca i herbie


Gordana Pavić is a veterinarian, chiropractor for horses, professional rider and trainer (FEI level 1-3) and assistant trainer of the Croatian national dressage representation.
Herbstfarbe (Herbie) is an 11-year-old Trakhener mare. Her current owner is Liz Eaton who is also trainer of the Croatian national dressage representation.
Gordana and Herbie have been training dressage together for the past 7 years. Herbie won 2 nd place at the Croatian National Dressage Championship for young horses. Both Gordana and Herbi have regular Shiatsu treatments; following is Gordana’s comment on how Shiatsu supports her and Herbi:

“Shiatsu gives us both balance. Through treatments I get support for my awareness and instinct regarding my horse and myself. In that way it helps me adapt our training sessions and horse management accordingly. Herbie was first to have Shiatsu treatment. At one point I wanted to feel what is Shiatsu and what is Herbie feeling. I was pleasantly surprised and have since become a bit addicted to Shiatsu. :) ˝