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• before and/or after a competition - as a preparation for competition or relaxation after competition

• back problems - back pain or unevenness in movements

• after injuries - it speeds up the healing of tendon, muscle or ligament tissue injuries

• digestion problems - horses prone to colic or cannot gain weight

• urinary problems - horses who have trouble urinating and horses with bladder infections

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• respiratory problems - helps acute cough, alleviates chronic cough

• skin problems - speeds up the recovery in skin diseases (sweet itch, mud fever…)

• after stressful events - competition, moving, weaning, herd separation…

• emotional imbalance and behaviour problems

• old horses - regular shiatsu sessions ease chronic conditions and pain (cushings, arthritis…)

• the change of seasons - helps with the sheding of old and growing of new hair

• for the improvement of general condition


If you are not sure whether shiatsu could be the right kind of support for your horse's health or if you have any questions…please feel free to contact us via mail or phone.


Important: Shiatsu cannot replace veterinary care or physical therapy! We strongly recommend examination and diagnosis by a veterinarian before a shiatsu treatment.

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