petra i quino





"Vedrana, thank you for the slow and patient touch of your fingers which helped my Quino in his change from an impatient, distrustful horse with painful and very sensitive back into a relaxed and happy horse with no back pain!" 

petra kasja


"Kasja is a mixed-breed dog who was diagnosed with spondylosis 7 years ago. She was in pain after each intensive activity and longer period of lying down. The prognosis included drastic measures such as spine surgery. As turning to invasive methods would be my last resort we decided to go with shiatsu therapy. Today, Kasja is 12 years old, running and behaving like a lot younger dog thanks to Vedrana's regular shiatsu treatments." 

ivana i allegro






"We discovered shiatsu by chance, but immediately after a few treatmensts we saw the results. After each treatment Allegro seems at least 5 years younger, happy and joyfull." 

davorka i ohio1


"Ohio is a 13-year-old gelding with blocked and painful back who came to me 3 months ago. Although he was willing to cooperate and work his painful back was getting in the way of it. He was spending his free time in a paddock as a really calm horse. The change was obvious after the first treatment. For the first time in 3 months I saw him running. He moves forward willingly and is a relaxed and happy horse. Ohio and I are looking forward to seeing Vedrana again. Thank you Vedrana!" 

nikolina i kavi




"I am  content with the treatments because I noticed that they help Kavi, he is relaxed and  enjoys them…"